About “Yrkeshygiene.no”

“Yrkeshygiene.no” wants to contribute to a better working life by collecting and sharing information about occupational hygiene primary in Norway and in Norwegian. However, some content that might have a broader interest, will also be translated into English. Topics on “Yrkeshygiene.no” will be related to risk and risk analysis, occupational exposure limits, statistics, sampling strategy, analysis of occupational hygiene measurements, and the history of occupational hygiene in Norway. Other topics might also be presented.

We belive that:

“All occupational diseases and injuries can be prevented”

In such a perspective, the prevention of disease and injury becomes important. Occupational hygiene as a subject is an important part of this. According to the International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA): “Occupational Hygiene is the discipline of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling health hazards in the working environment with the objective of protecting worker health and well-being and safeguarding the community at large.” (IOHA).

In Norway, the Norwegian Occupational Hygiene Association (NYF) has defined occupational hygiene as “Identification and mapping of chemical, physical and biological work environment factors, as well as assessment of the risk of health damage and proposals for preventive measures”.

The responsible editor for “Yrkeshygiene.no” is Hans Thore Smedbold. If there are topics you think are missing or you find errors, I will be very grateful for any feedback. If you have suggestions for new articles or want to contribute please send an e-mail to: post@yrkeshygiene.no.

“Yrkeshygiene” (no) = “occupational hygiene”

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